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are learning two to three hundred bodies have been found in japan. the death toll is expected to rise significantly. it is friday, march 11. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm elizabeth wenger. sydnie does have the morning off. >>> time now 6:01. the death toll from that tsunami in japan has just jumped. we just learned that between 200 and 300 bodies have been found. at least 88 others were also killed. and nearly 350 people are missing. >> that number as mentioned will certainly go up. a dangerous situation also developing right here on the california coast this morning. a tsunami warning means evacuations west of highway 1 and parts of the linda mar area in pacifica, folks are heading for higher ground and in san francisco, the great highway has been closed, as well. >> and the tsunami from the major earthquake in japan is expected to be hitting hawaii right about now. people gassed up very early this morning as coastal areas on the islands were evacuated. the waves could be six feet or higher there. >> lawrence is tracking the latest warnings and this might be two to three feet but it re
, elizabeth. thank you very much. it's 6:00 on a tuesday. >>> the warning zone around japan's fukushima nuclear power plant is getting wider. that plant is now leaking radioactivity into the air. the warning zone is expanded to include everyone within 19 miles of that plant. the fire at the plant is now out. it was burning in a cooling pond. that respond now believed to be boiling. japan is asking for help from the united states as it tries to avoid a meltdown. >> in particular, they have asked for additional types of equipment that will help provide water and other resources to ensure the reactors continue to be cool. >> low levels of radiation have been detected as far as away as tokyo 150 miles to the south. but there is some good news. an amazing story of survival. a 70-year-old woman who was rescued from her home today. it had been swept away by friday's tsunami. the woman was conscious, but suffering from hypothermia and is being treated now at a hospital. but she should be okay. we have seen images of the moment the earthquake struck in japan, roads buckled, buildings cracked, pe
evening in japan and there's more trouble at a nuclear plant at fukushima. the officials say fuel rods at the plant's unit 2 reactor were temporarily exposed. he says sea water is now being channeled into the reactor to cover the rods once again. 11 workers were injured in a hydrogen explosion. meantime the death toll from friday's earthquake and the tsunami has now risen 2800. a tide of 1,000 bodies washed up onshore this morning. urban rescue teams from the united states are arriving there including one from los angeles. teams arrived with cargo planes and are joining similar groups from great britain and germany. >>> this morning crews will be out in santa cruz harbor evaluating the tsunami damage. 18 boats sank another 100 were damaged. two sunken vessels have been recovered. today crews will use sonar to locate the rest and figure out whether there are any pollution risks. the coast guard is enforcing its safety zone meaning the harbor is off limits to boat traffic. but owners do have access to their boats. the harbor will be closed at least until next weekend. >>> we'll have a li
plant in japan. a japanese nuclear safety official says a pool for storing spent fuel is heating up and is near the boiling point. those high temperatures likely caused the steam that's been billowing out of reactor number 2 since yesterday. the danger is that if all the water boils way, the fuel rods will be exposed. crews at the plant have hooked up power cables to all six reactors. electricity is crucial so that its cooling pumps can start operating the fukushima plant but right now only one pump in one reactor is working. >>> hundreds of american military families from japan are expected to arrive in northern california shortly. sharon is at travis air force base where the first flight is due back right about now. i don't know if they have landed but let's toss it over to sharon and find out. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank. really, any minute now. the first flight due to arrive in about 6:05 this morning on a dc-10. in all, more than 500 military family members and their pets due to arrive at travis air force base. the second flight is expected around 8:00 this m
>> i'm sydnie kohara. the u.s. sending airplanes to japan for americans who want to get out of the country. the fukushima nuclear complex in danger of a meltdown. let's go to charlie d'agata in japan. good morning, charlie. >> reporter: we are trying to make our way towards the quake zone. the japanese military has taken over control of the highways for humanitarian aid. we are going to try to get as close as we can. we're cutting through the mountains, you can see the snow, while trying to avoid at all costs getting near the nuclear power plant. >>> reporter: military helicopters launched an all-out water assault on japan's crippled nuclear power plant in a desperate attempt to buy more time. crews are racing to finish a new power line that could restore crucial water pumps, the best options many experts say to cool dangerously hot reactor and prevent a nuclear meltdown. >> we believe that radiation levels are extremely high which could possibly impact the ability to take corrective measures. >> reporter: the biggest worry is reactor 4. wednesday u.s. officials warned the u
:00. >>> right now, the crisis in japan quickly getting worse. there are reports that a second reactor at that damaged fukushima nuclear power plant may be leaking radiation now. there are also reports of another fire there, as well. >> now workers are getting ready to restart their efforts to prevent a total meltdown. the crews were forced out earlier today because of a surge in radioactivity for the plant. they were allowed to return to the plant a short time ago. a plan to have helicopters drop water to cool the plant was stopped because of high radiation. >>> the government taking actions as concerns grow that radiation could drift here to the west coast. u.s. environmental protection agency has announced it there deploy more electronic monitors that measure radiation in the air. however, the epa has not said where those monitors will be located or how many will be installed. right now, there are 12 monitors here in california, one of which is right here in san francisco. >>> you might be surprised where the biggest threat from a tsunami here is in the bay area. let's go to christ
in the parking lot in the middle of the night. what his mom told 911, coming up. >> that radiation from japan is closer than you think. where trace are showing up in the u.s. food supply. >> attention, san francisco home owners. why today's your last chance to save a few bucks on your home when sydnie and i come back. ,, switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. by himself.. barefoot.. in a parking lot. the boy is 2 or three years old. police found him in the parking rt on rosewood >>> a toddler found wandering by himself barefoot in a parking lot of a wal-mart in rosewood drive in pleasanton. we have just learned that the boy's mother called 911 a few minutes ago and said somehow that little boy got out of their apartment. they are expected to be reunited in a half hour. the little boy is okay. >> a happy mother there soon. >>> it is 6:12 now. ten american sailors are recovering after an accident during a training exercise off the southern california coast. they were hurt when
with a car smashing into a house. more evacuations today in japan. what forced workers to leave a crippled power plant. good morning. it's monday, march 21st. i'm frank mallicoat. and i'm sydnie kohara. time is 6-- let's start with a quick check of your weather and traffic. here's lawrence. four "new york times" journalists who were held in >>> good morning. let's get a check of your weather and traffic. >> reporter: we are seeing scattered showers out there right now. more rain for today. there's a stronger storm, a stronger series of storms on the way. we'll talk about that in a minute. let's check on traffic. >>> four new york journalistst held in libya have been released. the u.s. says it expects to turn control of the libyan military mission over to the french or the british in just a matter of days. this after several days of pounding by coalition forces in the air and on the sea. a top france official said it's likely to be a long one. we have a live report from washington on where the united states stand this morning, coming up. >>> more smoke seen at that damaged nuclea
of dollars. >>> and the nuclear crisis in japan gets worse. the discovery of radiation now leaking into the ocean when we come back. for my dry skin, ordinary body washes just aren't moisturizing enough. [ female announcer ] new gold bond deep moisture, with 7 moisturizers and 3 vitamins. the body wash that moisturizes like a lotion. >>> a sunny disposition this morning. because we have sunshine on the way. mid-50s to mid-60s areawide through alameda, 60 in san francisco with increasing sun and breeze this afternoon. temperatures near 80. back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> a hidden device inside a newspaper explodes in a man's face. that blast forced an entire vacaville neighborhood to evacuate yesterday. nick janes is in that same neighborhood with the latest on the investigation. nick, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, sydnie and frank. the evacuation order has since been lifted so people are back in their homes this morning. but they are nervous picking under the morning paper. a guy picking up his neighbor's paper in the neighbor's yard, that's the crater after th
. you can see his interview starting at 7:00 here on cbs 5. >>> in japan, radiation in sea water near the crippled nuclear power plant is at its highest level yet. nuclear safety officials say its more than 3300 times the legal limit. that is a sign that more contaminated water is leaking from the complex into the ocean. but they insist it is not a threat to human health. the stress of the crisis though taking a toll on the president of the plant's utility. he has been hospitalized for high blood pressure. >>> it is 6:10 now. santa cruz is dealing with damage to its harbor nearly three weeks after the tsunami. the big waves caused by the earthquake off japan sunk 14 boats at the santa cruz harbor, more than 100 people turning out for a meeting last night to get updates on repair efforts. damage estimates for the harbor are $29 million and there is plenty of hidden damage still being assessed. >>> there's damage to the structural components under the dock and some of those are metal plates that are used to screw together the structural pieces. some of the docks are missing flotation un
to prevent a nuclear meltdown in japan. black smoke is rising out of one of the reactors at the crippled nuclear plant prompting another evacuation. meanwhile, authorities are now telling parents in tokyo not to let their babies drink tap water because of the radiation in it. infants are particularly vulnerable to radioactive iodine which can cause thyroid cancer. levels in the water are not high enough to harm adults but the infants, yes. >>> right now in libya, nato warships have started patrolling off the coast to enforce the united nations arms embargo on the country. meanwhile, people in the coastal city of misrata say there are numerous casualties there from shelling and sniper attacks by forces that are loyal to their leader moammar qaddafi. last night he spoke to supporters in tripoli saying he is not afraid of the u.s.- european coalition efforts to enforce the no-fly zone. >>> our time now 6:08. we are getting reports from cbs news that actress elizabeth taylor has died. again, this is coming from cbs news. and we're expected to have a live report in just a few minutes. >>> we'
the rest of the year. >>> it is 6:11. in japan three workers were hurt while trying to prevent a nuclear meltdown. their feet apparently touched radioactive elements at that crippled power plant. they are now hospitalized with beta ray burns. this morning authorities say they tested at radiation levels well below the maximum allowed for workers. employees were helping to restore cooling systems to overheated reactors. >>> and new air strikes in libya today from the u.s.- european coalition. this is from the city of tajura home to a libyan military base that's a little east of tripoli. it's day 6 of the coalition's attempt to protect government opponents and other civilians from forces that are loyal to libyan leader moammar qaddafi. in addition, french air strikes hit a libyan air base today but a french military spokesman would not disclose the exact location. >>> 6:12. a major scare at one of the country's biggest airports. what cautioned so much confusion for two pilots trying to land. >> and who said trips to the dmv had to be painful? well, sometimes they are. but now they can be f
be considering their stake in yahoo japan could be worth $8 billion. >> that's a lot of bread. >> a billion or two. >> thank you, jason brooks with kcbs and cbsmoneywatch.com. >>> well, charlie sheen has confirmed that his two-year-old sons have been taken away from him. last night police removed the boys from sheen's home after a court order was granted it his estranged wife brooke mueller. sheen says he is very calm and focused and ready to fight to get them back. yesterday, mueller obtained a restraining order from sheen. the actor is to stay some 100 yards away from her. >>> 6:51. time now for a look at what's coming up later this morning on the early show. erica hill joins us now live from new york. erica, good morning. >> frank, sydnie, good morning to you. just ahead this morning, we are going to get you the very latest on the situation in the middle east. u.s. forces drawing closer to libya's shores. meantime the violence in the country is escalating pushing it closer to the brink of civil war. we're live on the ground across the country with reports from libya this morning. also ah
up in the soil outside the damaged nuclear plant in fukushima, japan. tokyo electric power says the amount of plutonium is small and says it doesn't pose a risk to public health. government safety officials say the findings support suspicions that radioactive water is leaking from damaged nuclear fuel rods. they are trying to pump out radioactive water and pump in fresh water to cool the fuel rods. >>> time now 6:12. it could be the largest class action suit in history. the claims that hundreds of thousands of women are making against wal-mart. >>> and volkswagen owner, take note. there is a recall and why you should not honk your horn. tell you about that coming up. >>> and it's really starting to get busy now on th roads. an accident just coming into our newsroom in san jose, injury crash northbound 101 near the 880 interchange. we'll have details on that plus the traffic alert in san leandro coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, we're following breaking news in newark.. w fire at a refine >>> it is 6:16. in the headlines, we're following some breaking news in newark where there is
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)